The Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet, You Should These Things

Human as we are, we need to have a company in every decision that we may come up with. We have to have somebody who is trustworthy enough to no sales talk when we try to find some products that may be of great use.

In this article, the best hiking boots for wide feet for the year 2016 are being reviewed for your convenience. Also, the benefits and attributes that the best hiking boot should have are also presented.

Here are the benefits or the advantages that the best hiking boots for wide feet can give you.

  • Impressive comfort.

    When you choose a hiking boot for wide feet, it could give you the best comfort that you could ever have in your whole life of wearing hiking boots! Its wide width can help you feel exceedingly comfortable by providing more space for quite a long day of hiking. Since a long day of adventure hiking would definitely tire your feet, but with this kind of hiking boots, your feet will feel a little less tired since they have not experienced being discomforted during the whole while of the journey.
  • Toe alignment improvement.

    With this kind of hiking boots also, you could have an improvement for toe alignment. These wide toe area of the boots allows the toes of the one who wears it to splay. When you do hiking with this kind of boots, you are actually encouraging the realignment of your toes and turn it into something as is naturally intended, which is that of being in line with the metatarsal bones. By wearing boots with wide toe area and have a hiking activity, you are rehabilitating your feet as well as your toes to go back to their true shape and alignment based on anatomy.
  • Protects you from injuries.

    One benefit of a hiking boot for wide feet is that it can protect you from injuries. During the course of a hike, it is most probable that you can experience a foot or a problem in the musculoskeletal. But the reason for this may not solely be the deed of a hiking activity but instead, in the shoes that they are wearing. The problems in the musculoskeletal that may come up during and/or after a hiking session that can be avoided are the knee pain, shin splints, and etc. One requirement for hiking should be wearing the most comfortable boots to avoid these and more injuries.
  • Balance enhancement.

    Wearing hiking boots for wide feet can also promote a balance enhancement. With the boot’s platform that promotes a wider support to the feet and therefore the body, balance can be attained during a hiking activity. There may be humps, gigantic rocks, and smaller stones which you may stumble upon during your trip, but these just could not be able to bring you down because of the capacity of the boots to enhance balance.

There are three types of hiking boots and this is how you get to choose what you would most prefer among all that is going to be presented:

  • Lightweight hikers. These hiking boots are only a step higher than hiking shoes. These do not weigh much and they have a high cut ankle collar. There are also those that are low cut but these kinds are more often to be found than the latter. These are only a natural progression to the use of the lightest footwear that could and would fit our demands.

The ankle collars of this kind of boots help you get rid of the possible bumps and bruises that may be an effect of a rough terrain. It would be better if you chose a high cut because it has a more capability to protect you from anything that is harmful enough.

  • Mid-weight hikers. This type is the most ideal for a hiking activity. It doesn’t weigh too light not too heavy to cause discomfort but its weight is just as comfortable as it should be. The soles of this boots are durable, aside from being aggressive ones. The collars that this kind of boots possesses the ability to stabilize the ankle all throughout the hiking activity, even with a rough terrain and with all the heavy loads. The shanks of the boots effectively support the feet for even a mile or so activity.
  • Heavyweight hikers. This kind of boots is more traditional. It also provides a stability in the ankles even with an all-day hiking activity, as it also offers a support for the feet. This kind of boots is oftentimes referred to as the most durable one when it comes to rough road hiking. This has a record for being the most preferred hiking boots for its durability.

Here are a few sensible questions that can also be your guide in if formulating for your decision as to what kind of hiking boots for wide feet you are going to be most comfortable with.

  • Where do you plan to hike?

You should take great consideration as to the place of your hiking activity so that you will be able to determine what kind of hiking boots would be best suitable for such activity.

  • What are the trail surfaces going to be like?

You should know this such that you will be able to prepare for what may come, from what may appear in the midst of your hiking adventure. This can also help you identify if you need high-cut boots or a low cut one as it depends on your preference and what the situation calls it for.

  • How much of the ankle support do you need?

This is going to be of so much significance in your choice of hiking boots. Sine almost everything offers an ankle support, how much of it do you relay need? You should think about this because this somehow gets to be the highlight of your hiking shoes.

These are the best hiking boots for wide feet that may just fit your preferences.


Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boot


This product is made of leather and textile. It has a rubber sole that makes it very comfortable for you to move from one place to another even when you are in a certain rough terrain where the road you may have taken does not seem to be going nicer. It has a traction rubber that provides for the non-marking on the area where it may be in contact with. Its durability and protection can be manifested when you get to scratch the rubber toe cap. It also has a membrane construction that is waterproof. Meaning, come rain and the hiking adventure will still continue with your feet being safe from the impending wetness that it may become.


  • Very light shoes that it makes the travel lighter than ever
  • Comfortable to wear especially that it has a wide feet measurement
  • Not too stiff like that of heavier boots
  • Versatile for a really wide range of temperature
  • Has a waterproof seal
  • Appears to be incredibly fresh
  • Soft and springy sole


  • When flexed, this kind of boots can hit the base of the toe
  • Hard inner sole
  • Poor structure
  • Squeaking heels
  • Little to no boot padding

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot


This product is made of leather and textile. It has a rubber sole that would make feel really comfortable during your day adventure in hiking. It has a shaft that measures up to 4” from the arch. Its heel lock is contoured such that it would truly look pretty attractive from a distance. It has a compression that is dual density with a molded EVA for its midsole. Its lining is made of hydrophobic mesh. This has a waterproof and a breathable membrane so you will be comfortable in having your trek and at the same time, be confident that your feet wouldn’t have a bad smell.


  • Fits my feet so well
  • Makes my ankle stable
  • Outstanding toe protection
  • Waterproof membrane is true
  • Comfortable and durableLight and versatile


  • Falls apart after a few months
  • Seam came apart after a week
  • Not very well-manufactured
  • Has a longevity issue
  • Waterproof but not moisture-proof

Lowa Women's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot


This hiking boot is made of leather and has a Vibram sole. Its shaft can be measured at about 4.75” from its arch. Its heel measures 1.5” with a platform that measures approximately 1”. It has logo accents that feature a lace-up vamp and speed-lacing grommets. It provides a padded tongue and collar for your comfort. It is waterproof and it has a breathable membrane that lets you be comfortable with it while hiking in either rough or smooth terrains. Its climate control bed is also breathable with a shank that has a full-length nylon for stabilizing.


  • Provides comfort
  • Fits well
  • Enough ankle support
  • Has an impressive flexibility
  • Amazing breathability
  • Waterproof is real


  • There are stuck dirts
  • Not comfortable at all
  • Footbed is a disappointment
  • Footbed is not as high as the boot
  • Too large
  • Feet squeezed

Asolo Women's Stynger GTX Light Hiker - Hiking Boot


This product is made of leather. It has a sole that is lug with a shaft that measures approximate 7-inches from the arch. It has a waterproof membrane. This can be used in hiking, be it in a rough terrain or in any kind there is. It provides comfort to your feet, as well as to your sole. It has a breathable feature which also absorbs whatever shock that it may obtain from the environment especially to the hiking itself. It is designed to fit around the foot, it is lightweight and flexible which makes it even more preferable than any other product.


  • Gives great pleasure and comfort to the feet
  • Impressive grip
  • Couldn’t even feel the rocks when using this boot
  • Protects feet
  • Support ankles
  • No blister


  • Strange fit
  • Too short
  • Not for those who are having narrow feet
  • Not for a low volume feet

Asolo Men's Fugitive GTX Hiking Boot


This product is made of leather and has a waterproof membrane. It can be for a variety and for a good range of light walking to desperate hiking. This boot is designed to fit the feet perfectly. This is flexible, lightweight, and it performs at great strengths. These features make this boot the perfect boot to use when planning a hiking adventure anywhere, anytime.


  • Excellent performance
  • Great fit that I can hardly find in any other products
  • No break issues
  • Perfect for all weather conditions
  • Durable
  • Flexible


  • Soles came off the boots
  • There some cracks forming after a month of use
  • Poor durability
  • Laces can break in just a year
  • Fell apart in just one month

Hiking boots for wide feet have their own significance in the society. People with narrow feet and those who have problems with their toes such that they just could not find the perfect fit of boots that they could take on hiking can now finally have their fair share of the wonders of the world because the boots that are appropriate for their use have already been invented and manufactured. Plus, they are in the market as well. This way, people who need do not have to seek in rare places just to look for these kinds of boots that seem to empower the people who use it to travel the world in such comfort.

The only dilemma now for these people is finding the best among the rest since these kinds of boots have been already widespread for different places. These are also available online so you can just order any time.The clear winner for this roundup is Asolo Women’s Hiking Boot. It doesn’t wear too soon just like any other in this roundup, plus it provides comfort to the one who wears it. It doesn’t require many features to be considered as the best. It has a waterproof membrane, it lasts for quite a long time and it has a sufficient support system for the ankle.

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