Most Impressive Best One Man Tent, Now Revealed!

When you are camping alone, you have to pack something that could help you through the night. Of course, you would have to prepare something for your food, but it is also smart to prepare for your tent. You will have to know what the best tents could be for you.

But before that, you have to know what makes a tent the best one for you. Here is a list of the attributes that you may consider in picking your tent:


The fabric of your tent should be made with a membrane that is waterproof so that you will still be protected when it will rain and you're out there in the woods. When your tent has a waterproof membrane it hinders the droplets of water from penetrating through the fabric and cause such discomfort to you. There is a kind of rating that can determine the degree of how waterproof a fabric is.

You have to know that all of the tents are tested and are expected to meet the British Standard for its degree of being waterproof; its minimum rating is 1000 mm. this means that the higher the rating, the tent has a more waterproof capability. It is expected that the tent's flysheet has a lower rating of being waterproof than that of the ground sheet. You have to know though that waterproof rating does not include your tent's vulnerability towards rain that is wind driven which would actually require a much higher rating. You should take note also that time and dirt exposure f your tent may reduce its water repellency which would only cause the water to be absorbed in your tent rather than to trail off. Given this, you should have your tent 'reproofed' with a spray that would restore its repellency.


This is a barrier between you and the external weather that may affect your camping greatly. It also hinders the cold and sometimes damp ground from giving you the aches. If you still want to feel warmer, though, you can install an airbed or a sleeping mat in it.


This is oftentimes placed over the inner tent to protect it from getting wet in case of a rain. It shouldn’t be touching the inner tent because it would only lead to unwanted condensation and raindrops to actually accumulate the interior.

Guy ropes.

These are actually cords that are usually attached to the flysheet. These are pulled away from the ground to make the tent stable enough. These should the seams of the tent rather than overlap it; they do have an adjuster which enables you to loosen or tighten it up in order for you not to get wet. Too much heat and dryness could make it shrink also, thus regular checking for it is advisable.

Inner tent.

Before purchasing your tent, make sure that it does have an inner tent wherein you get to sleep. This should be comfortable enough, and you should also check if there are any damages because sleeping in it when it has a hole or something just makes you prone to reptiles that could take your life.


Although not all of the tents that you may be able to find have porches, a great many have this. These may be a really short area of your tent but it is truly useful when you want to keep some things that you d not want to store in your inner tent, but still want to be covered. Depending on the size of your tent, you can buy a separate one if your tent doesn’t have this already.


Ou should also take into consideration the zipper of your ten. You can have it either single or double. Double zips are more advisable since it allows you to open or close your tent on the top or at the bottom, depending on the purpose and of your convenience.


The one that is often used for ceilings and doors are the mesh panels which allows you to have a view and at the same time, have an enhanced cross-ventilation for you to manage the possible condensation. Larger mesh panels are needed if you think you are going to have a humid climate during your camping.


This is actually a ground cloth that has been custom-fitted to go under the floor of your tent. You know your tent floor could be tough, but you have to consider that there are rocks and twigs that may damage it at any time and at any rate so you better be careful and have another floor that is easier to replace than that of your tent in its entirety.You should also know the use and care tips for your tent so that it would last longer than you think it can.


Make sure that when you store your tent it is not wet as it would only break down faster. You should dry it off and fold or roll up with the poles inside. The more compact the folding is, the more durable it can be.

Selection of the site.

You should be cautious also in choosing the place where you would want to camp out. The area should be:

  • Off-trail. This is to show respect to the other travelers or campers. Besides, this is for your own comfort as well, you do not want to be disturbed when somebody passes by, right?
  • Flat. You should pick a flat ground for your own safety. Surely, you do not want to go on rolling when you choose a cliff.
  • Away from the water. Aside from the possibility of you having a sleepwalk and drown in the process, you should also consider other people. You do not want to contaminate their source of water by staying near it.

Here are the most impressive best one man tents ever. Pay close attention and watch out for your favorite.


This product has earned 4.6 stars out 5 in Amazon. The material is made of polyester taffeta and it is a free-standing kind of tent. It only needs two poles, and for this, the design is that of 7000 series of poles that are aluminum. It can be easily assembled with pole clips. Its polyester fly can actually resist a damage caused by UV rays and it also stays taut for long. Also, its fly is factory sealed which makes it more reliable, and the floor seams are best for weather protection. Its zippers are that of number 8 which are extra large. Its weatherproof fly can be adjusted in its maximum capacity. The package includes meshing storage pockets, gear loft, and guy ropes as well. Its product dimensions are 36x32x36 inches with an item weight of 4.2 pounds. Its manufacturer is ALPS Mountaineering.


  • It held up great and kept the camper dry
  • Lightweight yet roomy enough
  • ​Tent's ventilation is great
  • There is no condensation build up
  • It only takes 5-10 minutes to set up


  • It is difficult for a tall person to get in or get outItem weight is misleading


This product has earned 4.6 stars out of 5 in Amazon. Its tent is designed like that of a cube. It is backpacking friendly, meaning, it could be packed in your traveling backpack with ease and for convenient transportation. It also has a compact folding poles which could fit into your bag, and at the same time be proficient in its task to your tent after you have set it up. It can be contained in its own carry bag as well; the bag looks like a roll top cube to match the design of the tent itself. The seams of this tent are taped for your own safety and precaution. Its product dimensions are 38x29x86 inches with an item weight of 3.76 pounds. Its manufacturer is Kelty.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Has plenty of room 
  • Doesn’t have a compression bag 
  • Easy to set up 
  • The aluminum of the poles is not the standard size 
  • A great combo for being strong and lightweight


  • The stakes are not so reliable


This product has earned 4.6 stars out of 5 in Amazon. This is a tent designed to accommodate only one person at any of the four seasons in a year, even in a snowy season. It has only one room and yet two doors for an easier way of getting in and out of the tent. It is a double layered tent so that you can use the inner or the outer part separately. The walls are of mesh which can increase ventilation inside your tent and give you cool air while sleeping. It is also very easy to set up since this product comes with pole clips that can be snapped over in a moment to support the tent. This tent also has the capability to be easily set up, you just have to locate the ends that are longer, these are the skinny ends of your tent. Its product dimensions are 4.25x6x17.5 inches with an item weight of 4.75 pounds.


  • Comes with necessary and reliable materials
  • Easy to set up
  • Floor is thicker than the rest
  • Seams are taped


  • Not too comfy for a tall person
  • Right-hand rain-fly door flap needs improvement
  • Left-hand rain-fly door flap needs a tie-back


This product has earned 4.7 stars out of 5 in Amazon. Its material is made of polyester taffeta. This product includes two poles that are designed to be free standing. It can be easily assembled because pole clips are also provided and that they are capable of a quick snap to set your tent up. The polyester fly is capable of resisting the damages that are caused by UV rays. The ventilation inside the tent is impressive since the entire wall has mesh. The fly can be adjusted for the comfort and protection of the camper. Its product dimensions are 36x44x86 inches with an item weight of 4.3 pounds. Its manufacturer is ALPS Mountaineering.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Roomy tent for one person
  • Fits perfectly to the bottom of the backpack


  • Poles begin to crack within 4 months
  • Has leaks


This product has earned 4.6 stars out of 5 in Amazon. It accommodates only one person in it, and for extreme protection against weather conditions, the main fly as well asThe floor seams are taped by the factory. It offers an easy access to the camper owning it because of the size of the entry door at the side, it is wide enough for entry and exit. Its product dimensions are 22x6x6 inches with an item weight of 3.8 pounds. Its manufacturer is Eureka.


  • Vestibule is perfect
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to tear down
  • Very comfortable and spacious


  • There is a lot of wasted spaces in the ends

You see, the winner for this roundup is the first one, ALPS Mountaineering 1-person Tent.It can hold up to any kind of weather, no matter what the weather could be. Also, it is lightweight when in fact it has a totally spacious room on the inside. You have to consider its weight since there will be a time in your camping trip that you are just going to carry it. The ventilation is great because of the mesh in its walls. And although it may be chilly, there has been no condensation and that is good. It is truly quick and easy to set up since it only needs 5-10 minutes.

This is the best among the rest because its cons are only that it is not really suitable for people who are too tall for it and that t stated item weight of the product in its product description is quite misleading. It is a bit heavier than that.

Taking into consideration the features of what the tent should have, this kind of tent meet the important parts and that these can be of great use when camping at a wilderness

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