How To Get To Santorini With Great Comfort And Ease

September 27, 2016

Are you interested in going to Santorini? Is it your first time of traveling to that place? How would you get to Santorini with great comfort and ease? What rides would you take in order to be in the place that you are supposed to be?

These are only questions that this article may talk about in order to serve as your guide in your venturing out of the unknown. If it is your first time, then it can be assumed that you only know the place for its landmarks, or for its festivities you may also be exploring the place virtually. It is of great hopes that this can help you avoid the possibilities of getting lost instead of actually having fun around and make the most out of your stay. It is important that when you go into some place for the first time, you won't get embarrassed by not knowing where to go and what to do. By reading this, you will be guaranteed of an awesome stay in Santorini and make the best memories of your life.

But first, what would you need for your travels? Not a great many, of course. Take notice of the following:

  • Yourself. Of course, you would want to prepare yourself from whatever fun and other moments that you may just acquire in your entire stay in Santorini. Prepare your physical self, have plenty of rest because you can never tell. You might just exhaust yourself in exploring the place. You also have to prepare your intellectual self. Why, because you can never tell, there might be some kind of scam that could be lurking in the place. You should remember that prevention is truly better than cure. Before you go emotionally to whatever incidents that may happen because you didn’t trust your instincts in making your decision, you have to think wisely and save yourself from future woes that can totally be avoided.
  • Finances. You also have to prepare your finances for this travel. It is not wise to just proceed, go to Santorini, for example, and worry about the fees later. Nope, this totally won't do. you wouldn’t want to get caught off-guard of the expenses that you may have during your trip. It is safe to have extra cash in case some kind of emergency surfaces. To save yourself from any form of an embarrassment of being short of funds, do bring an extra and don't forget to be attentive to your things, otherwise, you might just lose your important things.

Having prepared what were mentioned above, you are now ready to learn about the steps that you have to take when planning to get into Santorini:

Step 1. Decide when you are planning to go.

In doing this, you have to consider the best months of visiting the place so that you are going to have a wonderful time in their rather than sulk around regretting your decision of getting into that place when there is not much activity that is going on in the place. Apparently, the best months to visit Santorini are from June up until September because the weather in these months is warm. These are sunny months and the beaches are best for swimming. Months that are from late April and May, as well as that of October and early November are great times for you if your interest is geared towards seeing great sights of Santorini rather than being suntanned in its beaches.

Step 2. Get to know what kind of transportation you would want to take in getting to Santorini.

A lot of people arrive in Santorini from various islands like that of Athens, Mykonos, and even in the Cyclades by ferry. You can also fly, though, flights are usually from Athens.

  • Blue Star ferry. This is believed to be the best ferry that you could ever take in getting into Santorini. Its speed may be slower than that of a high-speed ferry but it costs half as much as you could pay when you choose to ride the latter. It could also give you the advantage of witnessing the picturesque view of the place as you journey through the center of a volcano and stare at its incredible cliffs. This ferry could also give you another advantage; it could give you a stable ride even when it's stormy outside and the waves may be huge, but it could still give you a stable venture since it is huge enough to have little effect of the roughness of the sea. There is also a specific time for you to have the best view of the place. you have to take a ferry that departs from the port at around 7:25 in the morning so that you could get a glimpse of what mornings are like in Santorini.
  • Olympic Air. If you are from Europe and you are going to Greece, you can actually opt to fly straight to Santorini on an airline of a budget. However, if you are from outside of Europe, you are most likely to fly to Athens first to get to Santorini by ferry or a plane. It's your choice but you have to choose that best of your options.

Step 3. Pick your town for your stay.

You have to decide also of where you are going to reside in the entirety of your stay. You have your choices, though.

  • West side. This side of Santorini is a cliff that gives you the scenic view of the caldera, one of which is the volcano. There are also towns on the caldera side such as Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia. Each of these has different attributes that you surely would want to think over which to visit first.
  • East side. This is a slope towards the sea so it has got all the beaches that you could count on when you would want to have your skin tanned. It doesn’t have much of the views that Santorini offers. However, this is countered by a great many of beaches that can be found here and three of the best are Kamari, Perissa, and Perivolos. These all have hotels for the residence any tourist, an atmosphere that is suitable for chilling out, and a whole lot of sun chairs that are arranged along the sand. Shuttle boats are actually available here so that you could transfer from one beach to another, those beaches that do not have their accommodations.

Step 4. Book for a hotel reservation.

The best that you can have as an advice in this step is that you have to book as early as possible. Like, three to six months before you actually plan on going because chances are, the hotel of your preference may just be fully booked if you get yourself as late as you could ever possibly be. You have to realize that the best hotels, the cheap yet competitive hotels, and the hotels which offer a great view oftentimes get fully booked early. So if you procrastinate and take a much longer time in booking as is necessary, then it is your loss and it is a misfortune.

However, there are hotels that take a last-minute booking. There are only two and these hotels are, more often than not, small family-owned affairs that are truly way far from the center of things in Santorini. But of course, these are better than sleeping in a café, and even worse, sleep in the sand, right? So you have to be cautious of these things and get yourself book a hotel room already.

Step 5. Exploring Santorini.

You have to know that the most convenient transportation in Santorini is the bus. The buses that you can find in this place have air conditioners for your comfort together with a large storage space for your luggage so you do not have to worry about where you can keep it. it would only cost you 2 euro for each one-way trip. Bus network's hub is located in Fira; for the location that you would want to go to that neither end or begin in Fira will make you change your buses in the bus network.

You also have to know that you do not need to worry about your ride at any time since there will always be a bus that is waiting for the arrivals of the ferries no matter the time. These buses also have a stop on airports but a wait of more or less half an hour might be needed depending on the schedule that has been set. During the months of summer, though, the buses last up until past midnight to accommodate the passengers.

Car rentals are also available in this place and it is actually a great way to avoid the crowd and have a sightseeing of the place at your own preferred speed. If you want to go to a lot of tourist destinations in just a day, you should have a record for all of them and find out which buses will take you to your preferred destination, but this could be very tiring. Thus, renting a car is a good choice. And guess what, most of these cars offer a standard transmission, so if you think you would like to have the automatic, then you have to book as advanced as possible.

Step 6. Know the best activities to be done in Santorini.

It may be said that not all of Greek islands have more than beaches but Santorini is actually stuffed with a whole lot of activities that may actually enjoy.

  • Watch a sunset.
  • ​Try a tour of the volcano by boat.
  • Visit a local winery.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Do you think it is helpful enough?

This is actually for you to enjoy your visit to the place and not get embarrassed by not knowing what to do and where to go. By following these steps you will be able to avoid much troubles and misfortunes that may happen to you at any moment. Just remember to have fun for the duration of your stay. You are free, what else could you ask for, right? So prepare yourself and your budget, follow the steps, and voila, you are ready to take a stride towards Santorini.

Do you have any thoughts about any of these? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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