How Much Does It Cost To Go To Japan? The Things You Need To Know

November 15, 2016

Are you planning to pay Japan a visit for once in your life? Do you think of going to Japan for fun? Have you ever wondered how much does it cost to go to Japan?

This article is created to help you in your dilemma about the costs that you may have when you travel to Japan. This article will include the fare of all the possible modes of transport that you can take to go there, the costs of the hotels wherein you can stay for your whole duration of visit, the budget for food and tourist attractions, and another random spending.


Airplane. It may take you $1300 because it is the average cost of airfare, although this may vary depending on where you are from. It is also possible for you to save at least $100 if you are willing to take several stopovers before arriving in Tokyo, Japan. But taking stopovers can cause you so much time, so it would be better if you take a direct flight.

Japan rail pass. If you are planning to explore Japan at its finest then you are surely planning on traveling across Japan. When you do, you will have to take Japan Rail passes. They can allow you to have an unlimited use of their Japan Rails trains for a specific number of days. They can give you the option of seven days, fourteen days, or twenty-one days. They leave you to your choice for this which would matter much depending on how long you are going to take this vacation.

Most travelers though get the ordinary pass, however, if you would want a more luxurious service, you can definitely have the green pass. The prices for these changes depending on the current exchange rates.

  • Ordinary pass
    If you choose an ordinary pass, you can pay $315 for seven days, $500 for fourteen days, and $643 for twenty-one days.
  • Green pass
    With a green pass, on the other hand, you can pay $421 for seven days, $682 for fourteen days, and $887 for twenty-one days.

Local transportation. Since not all of the metro lines are accessed by Japan Rail, you will have to take the local transportation modes. For you to have an easier access to the public transportation, you can use your seven prepaid IC cards because even they do not give you discounts for it, they are compatible with one another so you just can get away with it.



  • Hotel. It would be a good strategy for you if you choose to stay in a place that is not too popular so that you can have a charge doesn’t cost much but the facilities and the rooms can make you feel convenient enough. So basically, you can have a budget of $200 per night in this country.
  • Airbnb. Prices I Airbnb can range from $50 to $300 per night depending on the facilities that you want your apartment to have. If you want to stay in exclusive apartments in a good area, then you can have a budget of $100 to $150 per night.
  • Ryokans. Ryokans are pretty popular because you can have a traditional Japanese experience in here. The price in this place can range from $80 to $400 per night. It may be quite expensive but the experience is so wholesome that you may want to put up to it.


With fresh sushi, or Kobe beef and takoyaki, among others, you should have a good budget for food. These local cuisines do not go for really far places so you might want to grab this opportunity for you to go on and try almost everything that you can. If you want a ramen, then you can have one with just $10 per bowl.


You can have as many attractions as you can because there are many that are free. Also, you can go to paid tourist spots, but you will have to think about it. You can have at least $400 budget for your tour on paid tourist spots.

Random Spending

You can have a budget of $400 for your random spendings. Of course, you cannot leave such a wonderful place without having a memoir from it.

All in all, you can have a budget of $8280 for all you’re spending in the duration of your trip. You can have a budget of $2600 for your airfare, $1000 for the Japan Rail pass, $2800 for the accommodations, 240 for local transportation and day trips, $400 for attractions, $840 for food, and $400 for random spending. However, you should bring with you an extra amount of money in case there are unplanned events that could happen.

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