How Much Does It Cost To Backpack Italy?

February 1, 2017

You are now finally going to backpack Italy! How exciting would it be, right? You are finally going to be able to taste a lot of their foods, experience their culture somehow, and get to observe the lifestyle of the people who are living there.

There can be no limits to how much you can capture. You can just easily go with their flow if you have your complete kit with you. Your best daypacks for travel is going to be useful to the greatest extent. Make sure to have with your budget, though, or you will get home empty-handed.

Here are some of the expenses that you better prepare for so that you will not feel like you have been caught off-guard.


  • Plane
    In your flight to Italy, from wherever city or country you may have come from, it would be easier for you if you have a flexible about the perfect time for your travel or the route that you should take. For you to spend a little less on transportation.
    Make sure that when you book yourself a fight, you should also book a train and bus so that you can have the cheapest option possible of being offered to you
  • Train
    Trains in Italy are truly impressive! Those are just state of the art that you wouldn’t even almost believe what you are seeing. You can choose for a high-speed train or just the regional trains.
    When you use a high-speed train, you can just presume that the charge would be quite expensive. This is because it is capable of delivering you to the place where you want to be in just a small period. You will be charged with around 40 to 70 euro. Yup, this is why you better be careful with the choices that you should make your entire stay here.
    Regional trains, on the other hand, you can have a way cheaper charge. Plus, you will also be able to go to the place where you want to go. Only, this ride is going to be slower than the other one. Not to worry, the sites can keep you occupied and help you fight against boredom.
  • Walk
    There is a high possibility that you would get to see a lot of sights when you just walk. You see, you will determine your pace! You are surely going to enjoy your whole stay in Italy.


For your accommodation, you can stay in a hostel to save your money. It would be an important strategy that you only spend little on the things that you can endure so that more budget would go to the things that you may want.A hostel is the cheapest accommodation that you can have in Italy. The price of your stay depends on what room you are going to rent.

  • Hostel dorm
    This is a place where you can stay in a hostel. Your night could cost from $30 to $50. However, you have to bear in mind that this is the cheapest option that you can get. In fact, it other cities like Rome, you can be charged more.
  • Private room
    Although you are still staying at a hostel, you can choose to have a private room. This is not necessary. Plus, it could only cost you more as a night of stay in there can cost in the range $50 to $70.

See? You better stay in a hostel dorm and be charged less. Just keep in mind that the most important things for you could cost so much.

Foods and beverages.

As you may already know, Italy is best known to have their extraordinary cuisine! In fact, this is one of the many reasons why there a lot of tourists visiting Italy. The food is just great and so worth the visit!

  • Restaurant
    Don’t you know that a glass of wine already costs 15 euro and more? Yup, now you do. Plus, be careful not to sit in the restaurants without having a look at their menu first. They could charge you for just sitting down, based on your duration in there. One helpful tip for this is to place an order before you sit down.The price for sitting down starts at about 3 euro. Your whole sitting will multiply it in there, so you better watch out. The food in this place could start at $25 to whoever knows how much.
  • Eatery
    You can also opt for cheap eateries as they could give you food in as little as $10 to $15 in each meal. Yup, this is actually possible, and so you can avoid the fancy pricing of the food by the high-class restaurants.
    At a midrange eatery, you can be charged with your food for a range of $15 to $25. You can eat peacefully in here without thinking much about how you should pay for what you ate.

Tourist explorations.

This is now the exciting part. You will get to witness the magnificence of Italy by visiting those that can be afforded by your budget. Remember that you saved much earlier for more important matters such as this.

  • Walk
    By walking, you can have the time of your life. You will be able to notice those buildings and other infrastructures that are truly impressive. You can actually have an arrangement in your hostel about this. You can tour the streets of Italy with a tour guide that has been set and arranged by the hostel where you are staying.
  • Check out museums
    Although your choice of museums can be very limited, at least you can go to some who offer free entrance fee or low prices. You just do not have to expect to be able to visit grand museums since they may require you to have an expensive entry fee.
  • Rent a bike
    You can also rent a bike to have more grasp at the places that you can have a sight. Yep, you might just be sightseeing, but it is totally worth it. You can be charged 15 euros if you do so for each day.

 These are the possible expenses that you get to have in your backpacking to Italy. Remember that when you plan and make decisions, always consider the most sensible things in which you could spend your budget.

If you can walk, then do it instead of using the train, much more than the high-speed ones. There could just be a lot of sights that can get to see. If you can stay in a hostel, then do so in a dorm than in a private room which could cost you a lot.

The important thing here, though, is that you get to enjoy each turn that you get to have. Have a safe trip!

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