How To Call Dubai From USA? You Deserve To Know These

November 17, 2016

Do you want to know how to call Dubai from USA? Do you have to dial something else first before the phone number of a person in Dubai?

These are the questions that this article will somehow share answers to you. This is quite important because this is clearly a long distance call, you have to make sure that the charge would just fit the kind of service that they serve.

With the help of this article, you can have the background of the tips of calling Dubai from USA especially for those who are new in this place, this article can help you make it through.

Here are the things that you need to prepare in order for you to follow the tutorial.

  • Reliable phone.
    It can be a telephone or a cellphone as long as it is capable of letting you contact the person in Dubai that you would want to call. You have to make sure that the phone you are going to use is a highly functional one such that you can hear what the other person would say and in return, the person on the other line could hear what you are saying. This is to ascertain that the exchange of communication is highly effective.
  • Sufficient load.
    This can be your airtime balance or a promo in which you are currently subscribed in. This is for a reason that, even if you have your phone with you, when it doesn’t have a load, then you just can’t contact a person in Dubai. This is not much of a problem since load outlets are also widespread to different areas of the world.
  • Computer.
    You can also use your very own personal computer to make the call. Since the technology has evolved greatly nowadays, we can now call someone from far away without having to load up, nor to have your very own phone. This is the most convenient way of communicating in this generation such that it would seem like there is no limit as to how many people would like to share something with you. You have to be careful for the viruses though.
  • Internet connection.
    If you are planning to use your computer, there should also be an internet connection that can connect you to the whole dark world. Yes, in using the computer, you may not be able to connect with other people online without your internet collection. It is true though that as you get rid of the idea of having to load up when you are using the phone, you should now that also in using the computer and the internet connection, there is also a payment required.
  • Electricity.
    It is important for you to have an electricity so that you can recharge your device if it happens to below in battery while you are still enjoying your time talking with another person in Dubai. The thing about now having an electricity is that they might occur a problem in which another participant of the communication drifts away without meaning to. Having a functional socket near you can be the best place there is.

Before proceeding to the next section, let us first acquaint ourselves of some tips on how to make a call to Dubai from USA.

If you want to call a cell phone in Dubai from a land line.

If you would call a person from Dubai using his cell phone, and you are using a land line, then you only have to follow the dialing instruction on the country code that you can find to place your call. You have to be careful though that the country code that you are using is an updated one that fits the year when you want to call. The thing about not using the updated one is that you may not be using also the correct country code for calling a person in Dubai.

If you want to use your cell phone to call the cell phone of a person in Dubai.

You can also reach the cell phone of a person in Dubai with the use of your cell phone. A tip when you do this is that you have to use first the plus sign before you enter the mobile code for Dubai along with the cell phone number of the person that you would want to call in that certain country.

There may be an additional charge.

There may be an additional charges or fees when you call a person from Dubai with your own phone because you will then be using your own mobile carrier which may impose the said charges or fees. The best thing that you can do for this is that you find and try out a service that has the least fee per minute of conversation.

In order for you to make use of the above-mentioned requirements for calling Dubai from USA, here are the steps that you may be so able to perform:

Step 1. Check the difference of time zones.

First, you have to know that it is the Gulf Standard Time in which Dubai operates. It is of UTC+4. You can check the present local time of Dubai online. What is the point of knowing this?

Well, it is certain that you do not like being scolded by people just because you have called at the wrong time, during their bedtime or dinner, or a business meeting perhaps. You turn to the internet and find the most reliable account of what time of the day it already is in Dubai to make sure that you do not disturb some precious moments of another person’s life.

Step 2. Know your country’s exit code.

When you need to call somebody outside of your country, you will be needing an exit code of the country wherein you are staying at the present time. This allows you to dial and actually contact the other person from another country, in this case, Dubai.When you are dialing from USA, the exit code is 011. You have to dial it first, before entering the country code of Dubai.

Step 3. Determine the country code of UAE.

Dubai is under UAE or the United Arab Emirates. In order for you to contact a person from Dubai, you should first know the country code set by the UAE. The said code is 971, and you should use this before you dial the actual number of the person that you would want to contact.Dial 971 after you have dialed your own country’s exit code in order for the transaction to be granted access.

Step 4. Make sure that you have the right phone number of the person that you want to talk to.

You wouldn’t want to disturb other people in desperate attempts to contact the person in Dubai. Therefore you have to check the number of the person who is in Dubai, if all the digits are present and whether they are in the correct places.

It would take too much time and other resources if you happen to disregard the idea of the possibility of all these. There are ways in which you can be able to know whether the number that a person in Dubai gave you is either a landline or a cellphone, you should know that if it has seven digits in totality, it is most probably a landline. If it nine to ten digits in all, with the area code included, then it is most probably a mobile number.

If it happens, to begin with, a 5 or a 05, it is a mobile number; if it begins with a 4 or 04, it is definitely a landline.

Step 5. If you’ve got a landline, dial 4 then the last seven digits of the number.

Since you now have a way of knowing whether the number that you have obtained is either a landline or a mobile phone, you should dial 4 first if it is a landline. After having dialed 4, follow it with the last seven digits f the number that has been given to you.

Step 6. If you happen to have acquired is a mobile number, dial the last nine digits.

When the number that you have got is a number for a mobile phone, you do not need to dial the area code of Dubai since the two-digit code which precedes the seven digits stand as the area codes.

Did you enjoy the answers that have been presented to you? These are so reliable and so you should try to perform these steps.

It is important for you to know these because we can’t afford to lose time and effort by having dialed the wrong number. Be very cautious about it, double check the number to make sure that the dates are well-sated.

Do you have thoughts regarding your experience in having to call a person in Dubai when you’re from USA? Share your thoughts and opinions!

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