What Are The Best Places To WWOOF? You Will Be Amazed To Know These

December 16, 2016

WWOOF which means World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms involves volunteers in helping the organic farmers and growers in a certain country in order for them to be able to promote the cultural and educational experiences.

It is very crucial that you know the best places to WWOOF in order for you to know which climate you fit best, and which place you would think can help you grow as a person. This article will provide you with the best places to WWOOF.

Here are the best places for you to woof:

Monte da Cunca, Portugal.

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This is the best place for you if you want to woof and at the same time have fun without having to work for anybody. In a time when you feel like you are alone, you can go have an adventure time in a freshwater lagoon. This is often referred to as the WWOOFer paradise since it is only a block away from the surfing o kayaking spot of Atlantic.

The WWOOFers here are assigned to be helping in the kitchen garden which is an attractive organic or help build impressive houses that are made in biodegradable straw-bale. They can also give a hand in decorating the tourist apartments and look after the animals such as the goats, donkey, or horse. You can have your own accommodation here which can be in forms of caravans, motorhomes, and even tents or yurts. There is no great technology tv nor an internet connection so it is guaranteed that there is a lesser disturbance to your work now.

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Wine and olives in Italy.

When you are an interested WWOOFer you can take this area. This is a family farm located near Riparbella, in which work hours is limited to the standard of four hours per day. You can just expect right there and then that you will be tending the vineyards as well as the other olive groves. It is also expected of you to take the task of cleaning the land and cutting the grass in times when they need a cutting already.

Meals that are provided byte family in exchange for your volunteer work are totally vegetarian and it is partially organic. If you want to have this place, you should hurry up a bit since they only accept two volunteers for this time. Your accommodation will be separate from the house of the owners but all the same, it is so convenient to stay because the rooms for WWOOFers do have a shower and a toilet.

Goats and cheese in Cumbria, UK.

When you want to be assigned to this area, you should be able to know how it is to make a wine with high-quality performance and taste. You can have the tasks of goat husbandry as well as of making cheese. In fact, since the year 2000, a lot of wwoofers have been welcomed to do volunteer works in this area.

For your potential jobs or tasks that are more likely to have vacancies and the maintenance of woodland, and the green woodwork techniques. You can also work for their fruit and vegetable garden. One advantage of doing this is that you get to learn something meaningful in return. For example, you can be able to learn about the basics in blacksmithing and even have our own time in the river for your day off. This one wants you to work for five hours in a day.

Beekeeping in Piedmont, Italy.

Beekeeping does sound interesting right? If you want to know more about it than just being stung by a bee, then this might just be the place for you. By being a wwoof here you will get to uncover as many secrets as you can about the bees.

For your accommodation, while you are in this place, you have a separate room outside of the house, but you can rest assured that it is safe and convenient enough for you to stay as it has its own bathroom. You are also provided with food but you have to expect that the food that is going to be served is mainly an organic one.

Growing vegetables in the Arctic, Sweden.

Basically, you are going to spend so much of your time in the pristine forests, rivers, and even wetlands which surround this place. This guesthouse was made a remote retreat in the village but the owners want it to be more than just that. They would want the place to be growing more of the retreat’s food. They also would want to expand into a vegetable and herb garden near the Arctic Circle, in fact, they want to have it 100 kilometers north of it.

So if you would want to render your services in this area, you should be more of a vegetarian to be able to devour whatever food they may give to you, in exchange for your services.

Sedlescombe organic wines East Sussex, UK.

This is actually Britain’s most traditional vineyard that is also organic. It actually stretches now across 23 acres in the east of Sussex, but the plants here have been existing ever since 1979. There are actually only four vineyards that can be found in the country, and among the four, this one is included. Volunteers who render service here are independent, and they are permitted to use the internet, TV, and for quite sometimes, a car.

The minimum stay in this area is seven days and the accommodations are in the caravans. The meals offered here communal.

Beauchamp, Dordogne, France.

This area has a vast expanse of woods and gardens and orchard which is a mere 20 acre. This is located on the border of Dordogne and Gironde. Beauchamp was established as a non-profit community. It has aims which are to be self-sufficient, to be able to sustain and promote the permaculture which is basically the agriculture and the horticulture of the area that mimic the interdependence of nature and reduce the intervention of the humans.

Your work as a volunteer here would revolve from gardening, harvesting the yield, building, and preserving the products to be accessible and sufficient for winter.

Eco-Frontiers ranch, Poland.

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You also might want to WWOOF in this place. This is a ranch than can be said to be able to sustain itself and it is entirely off-grid. It has been built over two years of blood and sweat and skis as well on the agricultural land that has bene once a post-Communist property.

WWOOFers help with the gardening tasks and other works that have something to do with the horses. In exchange for this, they will be provided with rooms that are reserved for the paying guests; the rooms are quite grandiose.

Nadomak Sunca, Istria, Croatia.

This place was set up way back in 1993, t provide foster families for the children who happen to have lost theirs during the war. WWOOFers who would want to work in this area are expected to tend the organic garden which provides for the food that the foster families take. It is expected of you to help out in the therapeutic activities of the children to help them recover even faster.

These are the best places where you can WWOOF. You can choose the places near you to save further expenses and you can also go to further places to explore more of the world. Here is the list of the wonderful places where you can WWOOF: Monte da Cunca, Portugal Wine and olives in Italy, Goats and cheese in Cumbria, UK, Beekeeping in Piedmont, Italy, Growing vegetables in the Arctic, Sweden, Sedlescombe organic wines East Sussex, UK, Beauchamp, Dordogne, France, Eco-Frontiers ranch, Carpathian Mountains, Poland, and Nadomak Sunca, Istria, Croatia.

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