Best Places To Stay In Oahu? You Should Know These By Heart

October 27, 2016

It is one thing to visit a wonderful place for vacation and it is another to know where you are going to stay. Especially if you are not alone, if or example you are having a vacation with your lover. Oahu may be romantic enough for both of you, but being in the best area to stay can enhance the quality of your stay in this island.

It is important that you know what the best places to stay in Oahu so that you can have a choice and just pick out which you think is the best among the best places that this article is going to introduce you to.

Here are the best places for you to stay in Oahu:

Turtle Bay Resort.

This resort is located in North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. It is a five-mile area with undeveloped beaches of North Shore that offers enough space, if not excessive, for your activities under the sun. It can let you have a relaxing morning stroll, and amenities such as the helicopter rides and horseback riding on a sunset can give you a genuine romantic vibe. All of the guest rooms of this resort offers the view of the ocean which may seem small when you are farther but a whole lot larger and completely complicated when you get nearer. If you want to dine near the water, if you want it to be on a shore, then Ola is the best place for you to just that.

The Royal Hawaiian Resort.

This is a luxury collection resort which can be found in Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu. It has a general theme of flamingo-pink. It is one of the many popular hotels in the area and this is definitely a bustling hotel. However bustling it may be, lovers who come into this place will find the place sufficient of romantic ambiance and so it does not seem to have a lack of features to be able them to pamper themselves privately. They can have their choice of dining in the cabana on the beach which is that Azure Restaurant or they can have a reservation on the private beachfront cabana during the daytime. In the afternoons also, Royal Hawaiian just proves its landmark by offering limo rides that are complimentary to travel within a mile of radius of the property of the hotel.


This hotel is located in Waikiki, Honolulu , Oahu. It has a minimalist structure, with its grounds beautifully landscaped, which is complemented by the hanging followers and a beachfront location. Halekulani provides a relaxing oasis that is whitewashed at the center of the ever populated Waikiki. The hotel has a restaurant, La Mer, which is one of the most romantic and at the same time an expensive place that you can ever dine in Oahu. But you can, of course, have an arrangement with this French cuisine that is so expertly done. You can arrange a dinner served by candlelight, and in your own balcony to add more impact to the romance that is obviously in the air. You shouldn’t miss the best part of this hotel which is the ocean view that can be seen right there n your deep-soaking comfortable and soothing tub.

Ke Iki Beach Bungalows.


This hotel can be found in North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. With eleven bungalows positioned right there on the attractive beach of North Shore, this hotel is also known to be a wonderful one. Its rooms are modest, they have nil amenities, and the service can be considered a mediocre, this hotel has the area which is impressively quiet and away from the annoying activities that many people may be unaware of doing. All of the eleven bungalows have their own full kitchen area which has its own yard and grill. This is for the tourist who would want to stay in this hotel to be able to have their own style of cooking their own preferred viands and do whatever they like to pass the time. These are perfect positions when you want to see that sun setting while cooking a meal.

Moana Surfrider.


This resort can be found on Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Oahu. It is just a few steps away from the Waikiki Beach which has the most population throughout the year. Not only is this a resort but also a spa, and this is not a mediocre one. It offers guestrooms that have contemporary amenities and provides unique services to the tourists for a memorable and enjoyable Hawaii vacation. It features a pool that is in front of the ocean with poolside foods and beverages for a convenient stay. It also has a private beach area in case you would want to spend some alone time with your lover, or with your family for that matter for closure. Its guestrooms have their own pillow-top mattresses that have linens that look so glamorous. They also have a mini-refrigerators situated inside the rooms and the complimentary coffee and tea so that they do not have to go to the lobby or call for room service. Aside from that, this can also make them have their favorite taste of coffee or tea that the staff in the hotel may not know.

Hokondo Waikiki Beachside Hostel.


This hostel can be found in Lemon Road, Honolulu, Oahu. It is impressively in the heart of Waikiki which is only a step away from the famous Waikiki Beach. Given this, it would be easy to say that staying in this hostel gives you the opportunity to go to Waikiki Beach earlier than your competitors for space in the said beach. This hostel offers an affordable, vibrant, and tidy environment for everyone who goes there to meet new friends from anywhere in the globe who happens to be there also. It makes mingling between people fun. Its rooms are very spacious such that you can have a separate seating area for your desk, a full kitchen, your own balconies, foam beds with signature memory, and the complimentary breakfast for your whole duration of stay. It also has a Wi-Fi signal that lets you connect day and night. This is actually the largest owned and operated hostel in the whole of Hawaii. It features intimacy and interaction that is only typical when you are having a hostel travel.

Hotel Renew.


This hotel is located in Paoakalani Avenue, Honolulu, Oahu. It is only a block away from the Waikiki Beach which makes you very capable of getting there in no time if you want to have a swim or if you just want to pay a visit to the ever famous beach. This hotel provides a 32-inch of flat screen TV in every modern room that this place has. It also has a continental kind of breakfast together with fresh fruit and pastries that are going to be provided for you for the whole duration of your stay. Hotel Renew also provides a minibar as well as a laptop safe box in all the colored rooms. It also has a work desk and wide windows that give you the views of Honolulu or of the ocean. These are provided because some people may want to write a blog about how the place is and how their day has gone so far. This also leads to people having to provide reviews of the hotel and connect with the families and friends that were not able to come.

When you travel to Oahu and have a break from your work or from your routine in life, you can have a variety of places to stay. You can have Turtle Bay Resort, The Royal Hawaiian Resort, Halekulani, Halekulani, Ke Iki Beach Bungalows, and Ke Iki Beach Bungalows.

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